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Iman Shukr Tawakul Sabr Hoodie

Iman Shukr Tawakul Sabr Hoodie

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Presenting our Journey hoodie: meticulously crafted from premium cotton, it offers a sumptuously soft feel and comes in a spectrum of captivating hues. Printed on the chest in a logical sequence are the Arabic words for 'Faith', 'Gratitude', 'Patience', and 'Trust' - Iman, Shukr, Tawakul, and Sabr, respectively.

This hoodie narrates a profound journey of inner strength and spiritual growth.

It commences with "Iman", symbolizing the bedrock of unwavering faith that propels us forward.

Along the path, "Shukr" reminds us to pause and express gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us, enriching our journey with appreciation and humility.

"Tawakul" beckons us to entrust our path to a higher power, embracing a profound sense of trust in the divine plan.

Ultimately, as we encounter obstacles, "Sabr" becomes our guiding light, teaching us the value of patience and resilience in overcoming challenges.  

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